CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Experts say the median home price around Corpus Christi is around $250,000, but there might be more affordable options to consider.

Jeremy Spear is the cofounder of Boxx Builder, with the Florida based company having an office in Corpus Christi. The company is building six homes in Flour Bluff, with the price for a 1280 square-foot home being around $219,000. The company is marketing it as a luxury affordable home.

“We are building homes out of shipping containers,” Spear said. “Essentially this is for 40 foot high cube shipping containers. They are a foot taller than the traditional containers you see.”

Iain Vasey President and CEO of the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation, said the local housing market is in trouble and in dire need of affordable homes.

“Our projections along with that of Dr. Jim Lee at the University are that we are somewhere around 1500 to 2000 homes a year short for the next five years,” Vasey said “So every year we’re failing to keep up with that we need more affordable housing.”

Spear said the company hopes to build 25 of homes by the end of this year. He said they took a book from Tesla and are allowing people to pre-order homes. Built much like a conventional home except the price is kept down because you don’t have to pay for a normal roof and because of the shipping container there’s great insulation, and it’s said to be a rock solid home.

“The structure of this house is rated for 225 mph, It’s not going anywhere,” Spear said. “I mean worst case scenario a truck could get picked up and dropped on it. It would be dented but the family would absolutely be safe.”

The company also uses recycled materials throughout these homes which are being built inside shipping containers. Re-purposed meta containers which give individuals a chance to enter the housing market well under that median $250,000 mark.